arpes.utilities.conversion.forward.convert_through_angular_point(data: Union[xarray.core.dataarray.DataArray, xarray.core.dataset.Dataset], coords: Dict[str, float], cut_specification: Dict[str, numpy.ndarray], transverse_specification: Dict[str, numpy.ndarray], relative_coords: bool = True, trace: Callable = None, **k_coords) xarray.core.dataarray.DataArray[source]

Converts the lower dimensional ARPES cut passing through given angular coords.

The fixed momentum axis is given by cut_specification in coordinates relative to the momentum converted copy of coords. Absolute coordinates can be enabled with the relative_coords flag.

  • data – The angle space data to be converted.

  • coords – The angle space coordinates of the point the cut should pass through.

  • cut_specification – A dictionary specifying the momentum varying axes on the output data.

  • transverse_specification – A dictionary specifying the transverse (summed) axis on the momentum converted data.

  • relative_coords – Whether to give cut_specification relative to the momentum converted location specified in coords

  • trace – Flag controlling execution tracing

  • k_coords – Passed as hints through to convert_coordinate_forward.


A momentum cut passing through the point coords.