Note for old users: Workspaces are friendlier than before. You shouldn’t require any real setup to use them now. If something resembling a workspace can’t be found, PyARPES now assumes that your current working directory is a workspace.

Workspaces are a concept PyARPES uses to organize data, figures, and analysis logs. For most uses, you won’t need to specify workspaces, but the high level ideas are as follows:

  1. Put data, notebooks, figures pertaining to different physics projects in different folders. The resulting bundle/directory is called a workspace.

  2. PyARPES will organize figures you make according to the date and workspace you were in, if you use arpes.plotting.utils.savefig instead of matplotlib.pyplot.savefig.

  3. PyARPES will attempt to keep full analysis logs for you, for each session.

PyARPES lets you programmatically control the workspace if you need to, for instance to conveniently load data or results from a different project.