How to contribute to PyARPES

We absolutely welcome the support and partnership of users that want to contribute to PyARPES! If you just want to add a particular analysis routine, provide a patch for a bug, or suggest a documentation change, the best way to contribute is to submit a pull request. Even submitting an issue is a substantial help as it lets us know what might be useful for others to see changed in the software. Generally speaking, you should verify or check the need for a new feature by first opening an issue.

If you are looking for low hanging fruit, we are acutely aware of some current shortcomings:

  1. Better/more complete documentation and docstrings

  2. More example data for new users

  3. More complete testing

  4. Example analysis notebooks to help new users acclimate

Additionally, these all represent great ways to learn more about the software as a user.

If it makes sense, we will consider adding users as developers on the repo.

What you’ll need

Here’s a summary of what you’ll need to do, if you’are already familar with contributing to open source. If you are less familiar, much more detail on this is described in the developer’s guide.

  1. You will need a git client, if you don’t want to use a terminal, have a look at Github’s GUI Client

  2. Install an editable copy of PyARPES

  3. Write your new analysis code, bug patch, documentation, etc.

  4. Put it someplace reasonable in line with the project’s organizational principles

  5. Add convenience accessors on .T, .S, or .F if relelvant

  6. Make sure the new code is adequately documented with a docstring.

  7. Add documentation to this documentation site if relevant, see below for details

  8. Check that tests still pass and add new tests as necessary

  9. If you added new requirements, make sure they get added to requirements.txt/

  10. Ensure you have the latest code by git pulling as necessary, to prevent any conflicts

  11. git commit your change to a feature branch, and git push

  12. Open a merge request against master with your change