Union[str, pathlib.Path, int], location: Optional[Union[str, type]] = None, **kwargs) xarray.core.dataset.Dataset[source]

Loads a piece of data using available plugins. This the user facing API for data loading.

  • file – An identifier for the file which should be loaded. If this is a number or can be coerced to one, data will be loaded from the workspace data folder if a matching unique file can be found for the number. If the value is a relative path, locations relative to the cwd and the workspace data folder will be checked. Absolute paths can also be used in a pinch.

  • location

    The name of the endstation/plugin to use. You should try to provide one. If None is provided, the loader will try to find an appropriate one based on the file extension and brute force. This will be slower and can be error prone in certain circumstances.

    Optionally, you can pass a loading plugin (the class) through this kwarg and directly specify the class to be used.


The loaded data. Ideally, data which is loaded through the plugin system should be highly compliant with the PyARPES data model and should work seamlessly with PyARPES analysis code.