Common implementations of peaks, backgrounds for other models.


affine_bkg(x[, lin_bkg, const_bkg])

An affine/linear background.

band_edge_bkg(x[, center, width, amplitude, ...])

Lorentzian plus affine background multiplied into fermi edge with overall offset.

fermi_dirac(x[, center, width, scale])

Fermi edge, with somewhat arbitrary normalization.

fermi_dirac_affine(x[, center, width, ...])

Fermi step edge with a linear background above the Fermi level.

g(x[, mu, sigma])

TODO, unify this with the standard Gaussian definition because it's gross.

gaussian(x[, center, sigma, amplitude])

Some constants are absorbed here into the amplitude factor.

gstep(x[, center, width, erf_amp])

Fermi function convolved with a Gaussian.

gstep_stdev(x[, center, sigma, erf_amp])

Fermi function convolved with a Gaussian.

gstepb(x[, center, width, erf_amp, lin_bkg, ...])

Fermi function convoled with a Gaussian together with affine background.

lorentzian(x, gamma, center, amplitude)

A straightforward Lorentzian.

twolorentzian(x, gamma, t_gamma, center, ...)

A double lorentzian model.