arpes.analysis.shirley.calculate_shirley_background(xps: Union[xarray.core.dataarray.DataArray, xarray.core.dataset.Dataset], energy_range: slice = None, eps=1e-07, max_iters=50, n_samples=5) Union[xarray.core.dataarray.DataArray, xarray.core.dataset.Dataset][source]

Calculates a shirley background iteratively over the full energy range energy_range.

Uses calculate_shirley_background_full_range internally.

Outside the indicated range, the background is extrapolated as a constant from the nearest in-range value.

  • xps – The input data.

  • energy_range – A slice with the energy range to be used.

  • eps – Convergence parameter.

  • max_iters – The maximum number of iterations to allow before convengence.

  • n_samples – The number of samples to use at the boundaries of the input data.


A monotonic Shirley backgruond over the entire energy range.