Source code for arpes.corrections.background

"""For estimating the above Fermi level incoherent background."""
import numpy as np

from arpes.provenance import update_provenance
from arpes.typing import DataType
from arpes.utilities import normalize_to_spectrum

__all__ = ("remove_incoherent_background",)

[docs]@update_provenance("Remove incoherent background from above Fermi level") def remove_incoherent_background(data: DataType, set_zero=True): """Removes counts above the Fermi level. Sometimes spectra are contaminated by data above the Fermi level for various reasons (such as broad core levels from 2nd harmonic light, or slow enough electrons in ToF experiments to be counted in subsequent pulses). Args: data: set_zero: Returns: Data with a background subtracted. """ data = normalize_to_spectrum(data) approximate_fermi_energy_level = data.S.find_spectrum_energy_edges().max() background = data.sel(eV=slice(approximate_fermi_energy_level + 0.1, None)) density = background.sum("eV") / (np.logical_not(np.isnan(background)) * 1).sum("eV") new = data - density if set_zero: new.values[new.values < 0] = 0 return new